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Museum of the Bible

After significant due diligence, the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C. has accepted a donation made by the Stewart Family Partners of the cast marble reproductions of Michelangelo’s works (beginning with the Pieta, to be followed by the Bruges Madonna, a bust from the David, the Madonna of the Steps, the Taddei Tondo, and the Pitti Tondo).


The Museum of the Bible plans to display each item as part of their long-term curatorial plan, with Michelangelo’s Pieta exhibited in the Grand Hall with special access for sight-impaired guests. By displaying these iconic sculptures at the Museum of the Bible, people who otherwise could not travel to Europe to view the originals can experience Michelangelo’s greatest works in close proximity, from every angle and in every detail.


Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), the museum is temporarily closed and will host a private unveiling of the masterpiece as soon as it is feasible.

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