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About the Legacy

Placing beacons of love and light across the world

A transformative opportunity at the crossroads of art, history, and philanthropy.

Historically, Michelangelo said he felt the Holy Spirit guiding his hands when he created his art. Carved from a single piece of marble, Michelangelo created one of the greatest masterpieces of all time, the Pieta.


A sculpture endowed with such grace and beauty that it touches the hearts of all who stand before it, compelling them to look beyond themselves, their circumstances, and simply, yet profoundly, experience the love and compassion of our Lord. Michelangelo envisioned sharing his art with the world so that all people could be blessed by it. Seventy-five years ago, the mission to fulfill Michelangelo’s vision began.


In 1948, the first two of the twelve posthumous artist proofs of the Pieta were cast in bronze from molds meticulously derived from the original marble sculpture in order to be able to faithfully recreate in every detail, a divine replica of Michelangelo’s original masterpiece.


In 2018, Stewart Family Partners purchased the entire numbered series collection from a previous provider authorized by Casa Buonarroti (Michelangelo’s estate) and licensed by the Vatican Observatory Foundation to recreate a posthumous limited-edition collection of original reproductions of Michelangelo's sculptural works cast from full-sized molds derived from Michelangelo’s original sculptures.

The focus of the Legacy is to place Michelangelo's pieces (especially the marble Pietà) in churches or locations around the world as beacons of light and love for all who experience these incredible masterpieces.


  • We have relationships with churches, schools, museums and other 501(c)3 organizations that are interested in owning and displaying these masterpieces.

  • We need art-loving benefactors who need a tax write-off and want to support  our mission of displaying Michelangelo’s historical marble artwork around the world for people to enjoy.  

  • If there is an amount that you would like to donate, we will arrange with the non-profits to receive art equivalent in value to the amount you intend to donate.  

  • You will not only enjoy a tax write-off, but you will become a valued contributor to the Michelangelo Legacy mission and receive an honorary position on our advisory board.  

  • Moreover, your generosity will enrich the cultural landscape of communities and leave a legacy that generations to come will cherish.  

  • The following pages outline the available artwork, its authenticity, its valuation, and our vision. Let's unite to celebrate Michelangelo’s legacy and support his vision to bless humanity with his art.

Together, we can make the Michelangelo Legacy touch the world with love and beauty, we can leave a lasting legacy for generations to come, and all of us can become part of history.


Edward N. Okil

Appraiser Qualifications

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